2021 Kiwassa Neighbourhood House
Presents "Fathers Day Celebrations".
Featuring Original Dance & Choreography 
By Our Lovely -- Serena Ngoc Ha

Video recording by Thai-Hoa Le
Audio/Visual editing by Vi An Diep 

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Our 2020 "Shaping Peace Together" Festival submission "Let Us Stop COVID 19"

“Let us Together Stop COVID-19” by Lan Joyce


We are fighting Covid-19,
keep up social distancing
We stay at home, we work from home, we play at home
When there is no word to say

Then there is a song to sing

When there is no where to go

Then there is a dance to dance
Let’s together sing our song
Let’s together dance our dance

In Vietnamese:

Cả thế giới đang trong cơn nguy nan
Khắp bốn phương đang lan tràn đại dịch
Thật cảnh giác đừng để cho vi rút tấn công mình

Bao bác sỹ, y tá, nhân viên
Đang gắng sức cứu giúp mọi người
Trong gian khó xin hãy yêu thương
Luon giúp đỡ nhau khi nguy nan
Việt Nam hãy quyết tâm cố gắng
Cùng thế giới chiến thắng Cô vít

We are people of this world
We are fighting this pandemic
We are staying strong, We will get through this, We will win this war.
This virus affects all of us
We are struggling in this fight
Do your part to stay healthy
And support our health workers.

Let’s together stop this virus,
Let’s together win this war!

Let’s together...stop

Chorus: Covid-19!

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