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A Brief History of SEACHS

December 22nd, 2009, SEACHS registered with the BC Registry to become an official non-profit organization.


SEACHS engages in training and educating Canadians about Southeast Asian cultures. It seeks to encourage young people in particular to become involved in the preservation and promotion of various forms of Southeast Asian culture. Through these activities it hopes to create a forum where people can engage in activities that promote Southeast Asian cultural heritage. This cultivates wellness within local Southeast Asian-Canadian communities and the wider public, thus enriches the diversity of Canadian society.

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We celebrate compassionate expressions of culture and arts, as they are powerful mediums of knowledge and identity. And because thriving is a communal endeavor, we come together at the Southeast Asian Cultural Heritage Society with the following aims:


-To raise the visibility of people of Southeast Asian ancestry in Canada through intercultural, interdisciplinary and intersectional artistic creations, exhibitions and circulations.

-To nurture traditional arts as contemporary and experimental expressions that reflect our experience and potential.

-To support diverse partnerships which resonate insight about our heritage and ancestry within and beyond home communities.


Within these lines, is embedded a commitment to uphold an ethical and decolonizing cultural practice. We value the well-being of our community members as well as the protection of our ecological environment as we create, organize, and produce cultural events. 


Loving-kindness, compassion, equanimity, and joy are fundamental values we seek in every project we initiate towards an inclusive, equitable, and diverse arts programming.

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